What Is a Rage Room? Here Are 10 Interesting Facts

rage room

An interesting and highly debatable trend, rage rooms are, well, all the rage right now! Also known as anger or smash rooms, these spaces provide people with the opportunity to let their emotions lose and get rid of any frustration or other damaging emotions that are building inside them. These places are essentially designed to provide a harmless environment to release an emotion that can otherwise result in violent actions aimed at groups of people or individuals.

Although the history of rage rooms is relatively unclear, it is believed that locations providing the opportunity for people to release their anger in a controlled environment likely began opening in Japan during the year 2008. Today, there are hundreds of these facilities all around the world with 2019 being the year where they witnessed significant growth. Numerous studies and researches have been conducted over the years about whether or not rage rooms are effective.

Surprised? Want to learn more about rage rooms? Well, here are 10 interesting facts to know about them.

Intriguing Facts about Rage Rooms

1. There are rage rooms in numerous cities across America

Rage rooms have become such a popular attraction for the youth that these spots are rapidly opening up across America. Cities that currently have a rage room include but are certainly not limited to; American Fork, Denver, Ogden, Huntsville, Charlotte, Tucson, Eugene, Austin, Hampton, Milwaukee, Rochester, Charleston, and Buffalo. People visit these places if they are suffering from a breakup or to let out some anger for issues at work.

2. Rage rooms are a global trend

It’s not just the US but around the world. Over the last decade, hundreds if not thousands of rage rooms have opened across the globe. Countries like Argentina, Serbia, Romania and even the United Kingdom have seen rage rooms springing up providing people with the opportunity to let their annoyance and frustration out in a closed as well as controlled environment. However, there is a lot of debate around whether rage rooms are effective or not.

3. Expert differ on their opinions regarding their benefits

Mental illnesses have become extremely common across the world. As of 2017, it was estimated that nearly 11% of the world’s population suffered from some mental health disorder. Anger, frustration, anxiety are just a few examples. Rage rooms are designed to provide an outlet for these emotions but many experts and studies have concluded that they don’t serve the appropriate purpose. Some have even show that these spaces encourage violent behavior.

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A rage room owner in Florida remarked that people visit his installation more for stress relief rather than anger management. Clinical Psychologist Scott Bea stated that although a rage room might act as a temporary outlet for a person looking to pacify elements like anxiety, the feeling of relief is short-lived and eventually the same mental feeling returns. Another Clinical Forensic Psychologist, John Huber published an article in 2019 where he said that rage rooms in collection with therapy can work great.

4. They are designed to mimic actual surroundings

Rage rooms are cautiously designed to provide the environment that a person is angered about. If it is a personal problem, there are rage rooms that have actual kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms with furniture that people can destroy without any consequences. In other instances, smash rooms can also mimic office spaces for people who are disturbed with their boss, colleagues or generally the culture and repetitive cycle of work that they go through every day.

5. Custom rage rooms are also a thing

Unfortunately, no, by ‘custom’ we don’t mean that you can have a rage room designed on request. Although we do believe soon there is going to be someone who comes up with this idea. At present, there are rage rooms themed with respect to certain movie characters. For instance, there was a Harley Quinn rage room built at the San Diego Comic Con 2018. There are other similar places around the world too if you are looking for an experience like this.

rage room

6. Rage Rooms are generally affordable in terms of pricing

Rage room owners have gotten creative with the way they market and price their services. A rage room can start from as low as $15 with more loaded packages going up to as much as $300. In New York, there is a rage room that offers a $95, ‘Couple’s Therapy’ package where partners are provided two electronic items, dishes, and other household utensils. For $300 in Los Angeles, people can avail an ‘Overkill’ package that has over 100 items to break and destroy.

7. A professionally established rage room will follow safety protocols

Obviously there is risk of injury when people are letting go of their anger in a rage room. This is especially true when there is more than one person in the room, especially with the ‘Couple’s Therapy’ package that we listed earlier. Responsibly run installations provide users with safety guidelines, helmets, masks and other safety gear to protect themselves from injury. People are also required to sign liability waivers.

8. The modern fast-paced life has given fuel to the trend of rage rooms

Rage rooms are rapidly becoming a trend due to the overall status that life has assumed for most people. Burnouts, stress, anxiety and depression are constantly becoming part and parcel of the daily routine. In these instances, having a place to go where people can scream at the top of their lungs and break things can serve as beneficial for many.

rage room

9. Did you know? You can visit a rage room just for fun

Not all the people that visit a rage room have to be carrying pent-up aggression. Some are just looking to have some fun destroying stuff. Some rage room owners have even reported couples wanting to spend their date nights breaking things. The House of Purge, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, has even stated that a 73-year-old couple wanted to spend their date at the installation. This trend is truly going crazy.

10. A rage room can help with mental illnesses

Despite contrasting opinions, many experts believe that when combined with therapy, a rage room can be extremely beneficial. The world has been increasingly witnessing violent crimes against live humans and spikes in suicide rates. Rage rooms can serve as a solution to these issues quite effectively.

Smash Away Your Stress at Chicago’s Only Rage Room

Want to know what a rage room looks like and what the overall experience of visiting one is? Here is a cool short video that provides an amazing inside look of the whole situation for you.


Whether a rage room is truly beneficial or not for various mental illnesses still remains to be seen, but      in the meantime, they are becoming quite popular with the younger generation that wants to let off some steam without hurting anything of value. It is a wild trend that is expected to grow further as time goes on     .

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