Fun Red Hair Facts You Have Never Heard!

Who is not fascinated by redheads? They are rare, they are beautiful and they have quite a number of quirks about them. Whether you are ginger yourself or just have an affinity for them, take a look at these 10 mind-boggling red hair facts you never realized. You may never look at a redhead the same way ever again!

Throughout history, these “gingers” have fascinated and puzzled people. Get ready to learn more about them. Oh, and drop those ginger myths; redheads totally have souls, even if they are mutants! (More on that later.)

Facts about Red Hair

1 Red Hair + Blue Eyes = Amazing.

The rarest hair and eye color combo is also one of the most striking.

2 Hitler Also Hated Redheads.

What was it with Hitler and hatred? He had a beef with redheads, and would not allow intermarrying between redheads and brunettes or blondes.

3 A Horrifying History.

Those ancient Greeks! They thought that folks with red hair were actually vampires! We all know this is untrue.

4 Keep Calm and Carry On.

Because redheads do not go grey! Hallelujah! While gingers will lose their reddish pigment, they don’t usually go grey.

5 Redder Hair, But Less of it.

Hmm…that’s interesting. Redheads have less hair than those with brown or blonde tresses. The reason why remains a mystery, but there are less hairs on a redhead’s noggin!

6 More Redheads Are Lefties.

Yup, since redheads are already in the minority, you might as well add to it. Redheaded folks are more likely to be left-handed as well!

7 Redheaded Women Are Better in Bed.

At least, they are more likely to get wild and crazy under the covers. Various studies have shown that women with natural red hair are more likely to act in a promiscuous manner than women of other hair colors.

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8 Ginger Guys Get a Bad Rap.

Unfortunately, for those guys out there who are looking for a mate, you’ll run into some trouble if you’re a ginger. Sorry, experts have concluded that people are less attracted to redheaded men.

9 Redheads are More Sensitive to Pain.

That same mutation that causes red hair also decreases the amount of pain redheads can tolerate. So take it easy on them.

10 Redheads Are Rays of Sunshine.

They can’t soak much Vitamin D from the sun as the rest of us, so they produce their own.

11 It isn’t originally an Irish thing; ancient red locks came from Asia

Yeah we were surprised to learn this too!

Video: The Truth about Gingers (Redheads)

There are many names for them, but many people refer to Redheads as ‘Gingers’. In this fun and interesting video, Hank explains what gene is responsible for the creation of redheads, as well as some other interesting details.

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