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16 Remarkable Facts about Riley Rasmussen

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Riley Rasmussen is an American model with long bright red hair, known for her modeling for Daniel Wellington, Do Good and more. That is not all; the gorgeous model has also endorsed brands like Parade, Balance Athletica, SHADOW HILL, and many more on her social media account.

Her amazing career is not all there is to Riley because in her private life she is a lively and fun-loving young adult who loves making videos on TikTok and enjoys interacting with fans on Instagram.

Here are more interesting facts about the cute Riley Rasmussen.

1. She was born in the United States of America

Riley Rasmussen was born in the United States of America in Oregon. She was born on the 14th of July 1999. She is 22 years old currently.

2. She loves posting on Instagram

Riley has more than 276K followers on Instagram. She loves posting amazing pictures behind the scenes videos from her modeling shoots. She also engages her followers with a sneak peek into her life as a model.

3. She is represented by the leading modeling agency

Riley is represented by the leading modeling agency in Los Angeles called Wilhelmina Models. She was also extremely happy when she signed with Elite Model Management NYC in 2020.

4. She is popular on TikTok as well

Riley Rasmussen loves posting videos on TikTok. She has garnered a following of 62.3K followers on the video-sharing platform. She uploads quirky lip-syncing videos and funny videos aiming to poke fun at herself.

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5. She is interested in astrology

Riley is a Cancer, according to her birthdate. Her Zodiac big 6 are Virgo Venus, Leo Moon, Scorpio Mars, Aquarius Rising, Leo Mercury, and Cancer Sun. Riley also wishes her followers on Lunar year, the Equinox, and other important astrological events.

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6. She is a thoughtful individual

Riley Rasmussen is a lovely person who thinks deeply about her surroundings. She was affected deeply by the coronavirus isolation and struggled with disassociation, overanalyzing, and introspection as a mental escape at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riley feels much better now as she took a few months off of social media and recharged with friends and family.

7. Riley has shared her struggles with face dysmorphia

Riley has shared her insecurities dealing with face dysmorphia on Instagram and TikTok. She downloaded the Facetune app as a young teenager who made her unsure about her facial features as an adult.

8. She has a cute gray cat

Riley has a cute tabby cat called Rose. Riley is often seen making videos with her cat and having fun with her at her home.

9. She is a fan of Kanye West

Riley Rasmussen has admitted to liking Kanye West. Ye, or Kanye West, is a popular rapper, fashion designer, and record producer.

10. She loves nicotine gum

Riley has admitted to loving the taste of nicotine gum. She has also mentioned that she cannot enjoy smoking green substances anymore.

11. She had the worst modeling experience of her life in Panama

Riley Rasmussen shared a TikTok video explaining the worst modeling experience of her life in Panama. She had been booked to attend a modeling shoot around her birthday. She worked 16 hours outside in the sun, wearing winter clothing without eating anything.

After the shoot, she was utterly exhausted. The next day, which was her 19th birthday, the staff took her to the emergency room due to a heat stroke.

On top of that, she had also gotten an eye infection from the same makeup brush the makeup artist was using for all models. She was not taken care of by the staff but had to manage everything at the end of the trip by herself.

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12. She loves being a ginger

Riley is a proud redhead. She has not changed her hair color to any other color. She even has made a fun TikTok video mockingly ‘thanking’ her ancestors like Kim Possible, Ron Weasley, and Prince Harry for her red hair.

13. She travels around the world for her work

Riley has flown to different locations in the world owing to her successful modeling career. She has been to Ibiza, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Thailand, Portugal, Normandie, and many more exciting locations.

14. She keeps her personal life private

Riley Rasmussen likes to keep her family and romantic life private. She has not shared much about her family on social media platforms. She has shared pictures with a significant other but has not mentioned details about him on her public account.

15. She endorses a lot of brands on her Instagram account

Riley endorses a plethora of brands on her social media account. She has promoted brands like SHADOW HILL, PrettyLittleThing, Sugarbear, and many more fashion and lifestyle brands.

16. She was diagnosed with depression and anorexia

She struggled with body image issues as a young teenager. She was even diagnosed with anorexia and depression at age 16 but got the treatment she needed. She is now a confident woman who informs others about struggles with body image and how self-acceptance is a process everyone works on.


This is a video shot for megbatphoto YouTube channel managed by Megan Batson, a Los Angeles-based photographer. She teaches photography tips to beginners about photoshoots for models. Starring in this video is the beautiful Riley Rasmussen, who playfully poses in the sand and has her pictures taken near the cool water.


Riley Rasmussen is an American model born on the 14th of July 1999. She is a 22-year-old young woman who has been amazingly successful in her career. Her job requires her to travel a lot and has taken her to Portugal, Thailand, Ibiza, and different locations in the United States of America.

Riley is quite active on her Instagram and TikTok social media platforms, where she creates fun and engaging content for her followers. Riley is a beautiful model with sparkling green eyes and red hair who loves to inspire her followers and share her life with them.

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