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Do you like to travel the world and experience other cultures? If so, this section is for you! We discover all of the fun things related to travel and tourism, including facts, figures and information about countries and tourist destinations. We cover fun and historical tourism facts too.

So if you are a global traveler or just want to experience some global travel vicariously check out our fun facts in this section. And maybe some of these articles will inspire you for your next trip!

Map of Russia

16 Intriguing Russia Facts

Most people think of bears and vodka when Russia is mentioned. However, there’s much more to Russia that may challenge the obvious associations you have …
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Philippines on the Map

14 Shocking Philippines Facts

Considered to be one of the world’s largest archipelagos, the Philippines has 7,641 islands. It is loved for having over 36,000 gorgeous white seashores, but …
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Facts about Texas

Fun Facts About Texas

If you haven’t visited Texas, then what are you waiting for? This is where you can chew on fried bubble gum, marvel at the state …
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Facts about Canada

Most Remarkable Facts About Canada

O, Canada, Glorious and Free! Our remarkable facts about Canada are a wonderful list of some wacky and interesting tidbits about good ol’ Canada. Did you know that way …
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