Fascinating Seahorse Facts

Seahorse Facts

Seahorses are a very interesting species in the marine world. One of the coolest seahorse facts is that they change their color to mimic their surroundings. They also are able to change their shape to adapt to their environment. They use their tails to hold on to corals to prevent being swept away by tides as they consume plankton using their snouts.

They also use their tails as weapons to fight against other seahorses for food, territory and mates. Their digestive system is one of a kind since they do not have a stomach yet they can devour between 2,000 and 3,000 brine shrimp. Here are 10 more fascinating seahorse facts.

Fascinating Seahorse Facts

1 During courtship and feeding, seahorses create a specific noise underwater just like lips smacking.

2 Male seahorses have a brood pouch. When mating, the female seahorse deposits her eggs into this brood pouch, and the male seahorse then fertilizes the eggs internally.

3 Unlike fish which have scales, seahorses have skin.

4 Among all fish species, seahorses are the only ones that can grasp your hand with their tails.

5 Seahorses are very different from the rest of the marine life because they swim upright.

6 Seahorses have small fins, which makes them poor swimmers. As such, they easily get tired and die.

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7 As a form of courtship, seahorses tend change color, spin around, swim, and dance together; a routine that usually lasts around eight hours.

8 Seahorses have a large snout because they tend to swallow their food whole.

9 Seahorses are faithful and usually stick to one mate for life.

10 Seahorses are fish but unlike most fish, they have necks.

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An interesting part of a seahorse is its ability to move its two eyes independently from each other. This enables it to observe and be aware of what is happening in its surroundings without being noticed or spotted. One eye can look behind while the other can look forward, definitely a unique feature which gives them that great sense of sight.

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