The Most Fascinating Sleep Paralysis Facts

Sleep Paralysis Facts

Unless you have ever experienced sleep paralysis (less than 10% of us have actually had an episode), then we wish that you never experience it. This is an absolutely terrifying condition, and while it may only last for a minute or two, it can really screw you up.

Sleep paralysis is not something to be taken lightly. If you have never heard of it, try taking a look at our list of interesting sleep paralysis facts that’ll probably amaze you. This is a legitimate health condition, and it is always good to be aware!

Facts about Sleep Paralysis

1 Keep a Schedule and Stick to it

Changes in your schedule or daily routine can be a big cause for developing sleep paralysis.

2 Crummy Genes

Unfortunately, if someone in your family has sleep paralysis, you are at a higher risk, since it can be hereditary.

3 A Prime Time for an Episode

Those who are in their 20s and 30s are most likely to experience multiple episodes; probably due to the stress of this age period.

4 When Does Sleep Paralysis Start?

Most sufferers first experience the condition when they are in their teenage years.

5 Length of an Episode

A typical sleep paralysis episode lasts anywhere from a few seconds to minutes, but it can seem much longer when you’re actually experiencing it.

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6 Aware but Unable to Move

During a sleep paralysis episode, you are fully aware of what is happening, yet you are unable to move or change your sleeping position.

7 Don’t Speak

Actually, when you are experiencing sleep paralysis, you wouldn’t be able to speak if you wanted to; nor move your head.

8 Abnormal Sensations.

While the sufferer loses control of muscular movements, their ocular and respiratory movements are normal.

9 It is a Very Rare Condition

Rest assured that only about 8% of the general worldwide population will experience sleep paralysis.

10 Many Sufferers are convinced  that something is in their Room

Unfortunately, they feel like they can’t move while they feel a presence on their chest or standing behind them.

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What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis can be a scary experience. This video will help clear some of the fear and confusion surrounding the strange phenomenon. The video explores what sleep paralysis really is, its biological cause, and also presents some tips to help prevent sleep paralysis.

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