Fascinating Sound of Music Facts You Never Knew

The Sound of Music is a classic film that people that are young and old still enjoy all over the world. The film has made loads of money and continues to be celebrated today. It also helped Julie Andrews solidify herself as a fully-competent leading lady.

The Sound of Music was not only a film, but had its run on Broadway as well. Here are some fascinating The Sound of Music facts that you will have to take our word for. Some of these tidbits are juicy, while others will have you chuckling. Some are downright scary, but they are all very intriguing. Enjoy! 

Fascinating Sound of Music Facts

1 What a Rip-Off!

Maria and the von Trapp family never made any money from the film because Maria had sold the rights to her story.

2 Tips From the Professionals

Richard Halliday was convinced by Rodgers and Hammerstein to convert The Sound of Music into a full-length musical.

3 Family Connections

A producer on Broadway, Richard Halliday, pushed to have his wife, Mary, play the leading role of Maria.

4 It Was Originally Going to be a Play

Rather than a musical, The Sound of Music was to be a play with folk songs from Austria sprinkled in.

5 The Real Deal

The real-life Maria sold the rights to her memoir; it was made into The Trapp Family and The Trapp Family in America movies.

6 The Trapp Family Lodge

It exists in Stowe, Vermont and is still operating today!

7 Changes in Personality

The real Maria was a bit more hot-tempered and strict than the movie version!

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8 First Comes Love…

When the real Baron and Maria fled, they were already married and they had two kids and another on the way.

9 The Movie Elaborates on the Escape Plan

The family does need to escape from Nazi power, but they hop a train to Italy and then America in the film they go through the Swiss Alps.

10 It Was Based on a True Story

Although in the real life story, Maria was taking care of one child, not seven.

11 Was the family actually begging?

The film ignores the fact that the von Trapp family (much to the embarrassment of Georg) had to sing onstage for money. Yes, they were performing as a form of begging. The film also glosses over Louisa’s bout of Scarlett fever. And the real von Trapp family was helpless to stop the producers and directors from all this artistic license.

12 The Final Scene

In the final scene, the von Trapp’s flee Salzburg, Austria during the night and they hike across the surrounding mountains to safety in Switzerland.

Video: The Sound Of Music in a Nutshell

This is an AMAZING and fun animated clip. She summarizes the movie in a fun, animated way – definitely worth a watch!

Image Credit: Toni Frissell, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons