The Nuttiest Facts about Squirrels

Squirrel Facts

Most people would agree that squirrels are probably the worst animals to have as pets; however, these nutty creatures have upsides.

Nutty Facts about Squirrels

1 They are intelligent, adaptable and quickly learn the fastest route to food on complex obstacle courses.

2 They do not unearth all their buried nuts. This results into more trees growing. In fact, they are considered partially responsible for much of the oak tree coverage in America.

3 They put on a lot of weight to stay warm during the winter season.

4 Man introduced squirrels into parks, such as the Central Park and Harvard Square, in an attempt to add a little bit of natural charm.

5 A newborn squirrel measures an itty-bitty one inch in length.

6 They escape in an erratic pattern when running away from predators.

7 The city of Longview, Washington has four bridges constructed solely for squirrels and holds an annual Squirrel Fest.

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8 They cleverly chomp rattlesnake skin and spread it on their fur to disguise their scent from predators.9 Their teeth never stop growing.

10 Iran once arrested 14 squirrels on suspicion of spying. The rodents were allegedly equipped with snooping devices.

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Top 20 Amazing Facts About Squirrels

We promise you will learn some fun new facts from watching this video.

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