Mesmerizing Stephen Curry Facts to Blow Your Mind

Stephen Curry Facts

Stephen Curry is one of the most talked-about basketball players in the NBA right now, but did you know that he received zero – yes, zero – Division I scholarship offers from colleges? He was contacted by Davidson, Winthrop, and VCU, and he ended up playing for Davidson, being a huge help during his sophomore year.

Then, in 2014, he was a team player in the NBA All-Star Game and he really pulled through! Now he is smashing basketball records left and right, such as the record for the most 3-pointers in a single NCAA season. He scored a whopping 162 points with Davidson in 2008.

Surprising Stephen Curry Facts

1 Small, but Mighty

Stephen Curry wasn’t a large player, so he had some trouble getting scouted in college.

2 He Has a Cute Nickname

Given his boyish charm, Stephen Curry’s nickname is the Baby-Faced Assassin.

3 He Kicked Butt in the NCAA, Too

Playing for Davidson University, he helped his team get to the Elite 8 in 2008.

4 He’s an Ohio Boy

Although he played for the Golden State, Stephen Curry hails from Akron, Ohio.

5 He’s a Daddy!

Stephen Curry has a daughter named Ryan, who makes basketball court appearances from time to time.

6 Like Father, Like Son

Stephen Curry wears the number 30 on his jersey, just like his dad did.

7 A 2015 MVP

In 2015, Stephen Curry helped the Golden State Warriors have their best season to date.

8 He Was Pick Number 7 in the NBA Draft

In 2009, point guard Stephen Curry was the number 7 pick; not too shabby.

9 He is a Splash Brother

Along with Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry makes up the duo known as The Splash Brothers.

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10 His Real Name Isn’t Even Stephen

Granted, Stephen is his middle name, but his true first name is actually Wardell.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

You may know Stephen Curry’s dad, Dell Curry (whom Stephen is named after,) but did you know that his little brother, Seth, is also an NBA player? Also, Stephen Curry actually didn’t achieve his first slam dunk until he was a freshman in college!

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Stephen Curry’s Best Plays Of The Decade

This video from the NBA is a must watch. It shows Stephen’s best moves.

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