11 Fascinating Facts about Summer Soderstrom

Born on 14 August 1997 in Maryland, Summer Soderstrom is an attractive, gorgeous and stunning American model, TikTok star, Instagram celebrity and social media personality. She moved to Los Angeles at a young age with an ambition to pursue modeling. She is known for her flawless skin, sex appeal, perfect pictures and amazing fashion sense. The influencer currently has over half a million followers on her eponymous Instagram account, where she shares her bold and beautiful modeling pictures and videos. Summer Soderstrom has also endorsed several brands of swimwear, lingerie and apparel.

The social media sensation has worked with several powerhouse brands, including Fashion Nova, Doll Skill, Yandy and Pretty Little Thing. In addition to this, Summer Soderstrom has also gained a huge fan base from being constantly active on her OnlyFans platform, where she posts personal and exclusive jaw-dropping content that keeps her in the limelight. Read on to learn some lesser-known facts about Summer Soderstrom.

Here Are 11 Fascinating Facts about Summer Soderstrom’s Life

1. Summer Soderstrom’s background

Before becoming famous, Summer Soderstrom worked as a full-time nurse in an animal emergency hospital while training at the gym 6 days a week along with Instagramming frequently. She moved back to Maryland after her breakup. Soon after, Summer Soderstrom was approached by a modeling agency. While working for the Los Angeles-based modeling agency, Summer Soderstrom started bartending in her hometown to pay for her trips to California.

2. Rebels MGMT signed Summer Soderstrom

Based on her amazing work on her social media accounts, Summer Soderstrom was scouted by a renowned social media influencer agency named Rebels MGMT. They choose the bold and fearless model to represent their brand worldwide. This resulted in igniting the flames of Summer Soderstrom’s fame globally.

3. Summer Soderstrom has a five-year plan

The internet celebrity and model has big dreams! Summer Soderstrom isn’t working for temporary fame as she has a well crafted five-year plan to fulfil her biggest dream of starting her independent company or brand. One of Summer Soderstrom’s deepest beliefs is that she will successfully accomplish all her goals one day with the right guidance and support from her loved ones.

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4. Summer Soderstrom has a go-getter mindset

Summer Soderstrom has always naturally been a go-getter. With mentors to guide her and push her to her limits, Summer Soderstrom believes in setting predefined goals and working every day to achieve them.

5. Summer Soderstrom’s favorite place to have a photo shoot is Bali, Indonesia

Though Summer Soderstrom loves travelling and exploring exotic locations, her all-time favorite place to work is Bali, Indonesia, mainly because of two reasons; Bali was the first out-of-the-country place she visited independently and secondly, because of the spiritual vibe there helps calm her soul.

Little do the fans know; Summer Soderstrom always carries a backpack while travelling, and she loves to hike down to the Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida.

6. Summer Soderstrom’s secret to staying fired up is through High-Intensity workouts

Being a fitness freak since forever, Summer Soderstrom uses music to keep her active and energized during her high-intensity training sessions. The list of her top three go-workout songs includes Gud Vibrations Habstrakt remix, Saint JHN and Elevate DJ Khalil remix.

7. Summer Soderstrom’s perfect day off includes working out

Even when on break, the motivated model doesn’t like just to sit back and relax. Summer Soderstrom’s ideal day off work includes an early morning yoga session followed by meditating and a good breakfast. Followed by this, she usually takes her dog hiking or relaxes on the beach just before hitting the gym.

8. Summer Soderstrom collaborated with the Eats team

The gorgeous model attracted a huge fan base with her bold looks in collaboration with the Eats Team. Summer Soderstrom is featured in some of the Eats Team’s most-watched videos.

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9. Summer Soderstrom’s secret to success

Apart from the go-getter mindset, the social media influencer believes in being consistent by giving her 100% to fulfilling her dreams. From posting everyday to using the most popular community hashtags on each picture to giving shout outs to other models and influencers, Summer Soderstrom has gained a lot of followers in a limited time.

10.  Summer Soderstrom’s guilty pleasure

Summer Soderstrom’s guilty pleasure includes watching Sex and the City while enjoying dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

11.  Summer Soderstrom’s desktop wallpaper

The model’s desktop wallpaper is one of the most loved pictures from her Onlyfans content. It is a picture of Summer Soderstrom jumping topless out of a plane.

Summer Soderstrom – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is Summer Soderstrom’s date of birth?

Summer Soderstrom’s birth date is 14 August 1997.

Q2: What is Summer Soderstrom’s favorite book?

Summer Soderstrom loves reading self-help books and books on other people’s success.  She highly recommends her fans to read 10X Rule by Grant Cardone.

Q3: Summer Soderstrom’s favorite outfit?

Summer Soderstrom’s go-to everyday outfit is either her workout clothes or her comfy lounge outfit.

Q4: Is Summer Soderstrom a morning or night person?

Summer Soderstrom loves waking up early in the morning. Two things she never skips her morning routine and coffee.

Q5: What is Summer Soderstrom’s zodiac sign?


Check Out Summer Soderstrom’s Jaw-dropping Photo Shoot In Malibu

Sometimes there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, which shines for you to follow your deepest passions. The sunset with @summersoderstrom is definitely one like no other!

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Follow Summer Soderstrom on Youtube, TikTok and Instagram to Keep Up With Her Personal And Professional Life

Summer Soderstrom has over 9.5M followers on her TikTok account titled summersoderstrom. Our favorite influencer loves sharing her everyday pictures, entertaining videos and workout routine to keep her fans updated.  For more information on Summer’s lifestyle, follow her on her Instagram: @summersoderstrom 


Hailing from Maryland, Summer Soderstrom is one of the most successful and young American social media influencers and models. She has over half a million Instagram followers and has been featured in several renowned publications. She is also a fitness freak and prioritizes her skincare over everything else. All in all, she isn’t just a pretty face; she is someone who believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spreading kindness and working hard to achieve her goals.

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