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10 Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About DJ and Playboy Model Tahlia Paris

Tahlia Paris facts

Tahlia Paris is a rising model and now a DJ. In a young age, she has made an enormous reputation for herself, blowing up on various social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube. Her success started as early as age 5 and although there is limited information about her on the internet, her fans are still intrigued.

We’ve collected a load of facts about her from various sources and created the perfect collection of facts to answer all the questions that you might have about Tahlia Paris. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Fascinating Facts about Tahlia Paris

1. She was born in 1996

Tahlia is an American model and social media personality born on 12th October 1996 making her a Libra according to the zodiac signs. She is 5 foot 4 inches in height today. There is little to no information available about her early days, family backgrounds and religious orientations. All we do know is that she has had a keen interest in modeling since her childhood.

2. Tahlia likes to keep her personal life private

The internet celebrity has been tight-lipped about a lot of details concerning her personal life. She has never revealed the name of her parents or what type of family she comes from. She makes a concerted effort to not make this information public. However, we do know that she has two younger siblings but their exact ages, names or other details are not available to the masses.

3. She likes being called a ‘Cali Girl’

Tahlia was born in Santa Barbara, California and is a true ‘Cali Girl’. Although the phrase refers to the place where a person is born, it has come to be associated with a lot of other characteristics. Tahlia fits all these criteria being blonde, beautiful, and sexy and loves the beach. Hailing from Southern California, she has embodied the title to its best.

4. She has been a beauty pageant since the age of 6

The sultry model was first scouted by a modeling agency when she was just six years old. Being a trained gymnast and dancer, she began her modeling career at a very early age. She competed in her first professional beauty pageant at the age of 6. However, her career didn’t sway her away from her educational ambitions, completing her schooling and going on to pursue medicine.  

5. She has achieved a lot with Playboy Magazine

Tahlia Paris joined Playboy magazine at the age of 18 after the pictures that she had been submitting to the magazine started to receive high praise from the audience. Slowly, her reputation was preceded by other modeling agencies approaching her as well. She appeared as a Painted Lady in her debut project at the 2015 Playboy Midsummer Night’s Dream party. Shortly afterwards, Playboy Plus invited her over for more photoshoots.

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In 2017, she was named Playboy Cybergirl of the year which was one of the defining moments in her career. In an interview with Medium, she highlighted how she trains well to maintain the figure that her fans are crazy about.  Still, she said she was surprised when the popular magazine called her back to work for them.

6. Her social media has blown up recently

Being bold and beautiful has paid well for Tahlia Paris. She has active accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and even OnlyFans. Her Instagram has more than 1M followers and she shares some sassy photos from her photoshoots from time to time. Paid promotions through most of these platforms have enabled her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Her Onlyfans is $8 a month, $16.80 for 3, $28.80 for 6 and $48 for a year.

7. She is also busy polishing up her skills as a DJ

The pandemic enabled Tahlia to explore new possibilities. She shared her experience of the first DJ live show that she did with ‘RedHouse Presents’ on a Twitch stream. Tahlia exclaimed that it was really cool and the audience enjoyed it more than anything else. In 2019, she hired her first mentor, DJ Lenny Ducano and invested in a lot of high-tech equipment to pick up her skills.

She has launched her website, shoptahliaparis where she sells merch with iterms related to her first ever single; I Don’t Need You.

8. Tahlia has some interesting and adventurous hobbies

Tahlia grew up surfing having been born in the most ideal spot for the activity. She also rode motorcycles and enjoyed hiking in the mountains making the most of her surroundings and the adventures that it has to offer. She has expressed her profound love for the beach and has made her passion of modeling, dancing, and gymnastics into a career.

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9. She appreciates honesty and humor in a guy

At numerous instances, Tahlia has defined what she looks for in a guy. She has said that she appreciates a guy who is humble and straightforward. She likes the guy to approach her first and to “seal the deal with me, you have to be able to make me laugh” she said. Something that she follows herself is to be honest and “tell your partner what makes you feel good”.

10.  She has shared some interesting life lessons in an interview with Medium

After she began DJ’ing, the popular platform Medium sat down with her and published an interview on their platform. When asked about the 5 things she wishes she knew when she started out, she had some insightful things to say. First and foremost, she stressed the need to be organized in finances and life in general. Next, she said confidence goes a long way while the ability to not be afraid to ask any questions.

Last but not the least, have fun and don’t stress about the little things which are always key to success in life both personally as well as professionally.

Talking OnlyFans with Tahlia Paris – The Michael Sartain Podcast

Tahlia Paris is a DJ, a content creator on Instagram and OnlyFans and the youngest ever Playboy Cybergirl of the Year. The Michael Sartain Podcast discussed her gaining notoriety at such a young age, her experiences with Playboy, the business of OnlyFans, why Instagram sucks and the struggles of dating an influencer providing some deep insights into her life.

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Tahlia Paris is diversifying and expanding her portfolio. She has a long way to go although she has achieved a lot of success in the few years that she has been a professional. Her Instagram is an exciting place to follow her for the most scintillating updates and sneak peeks into her life and professional journey.

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