Undertaker Facts That’ll Totally Shock You

The Undertaker has loomed over the landscape of the WWE who spells doom to those who challenge him. While he is surrounded with a mysterious shroud, there are some unbelievable facts about him that will surely shock you if you are his fan, or not.

Unbelievable Facts about the Undertaker

1 He is the only known WWE wrestler who defeated his opponents at the WrestleMania but it was in 2014 when his winning streak ended when Brock Lesnar defeated him.

2 He has competed in every WrestleMania match on his own but not every match was a singles match. For instance, The Undertaker fought against A-Train and Big Show during the WrestleMania 19 bout. He was supposed to pair with Nathan Jones but Jones was removed from the match.

3 It seems that The Undertaker is a strong person but did you know that this almost seven-foot wrestling warrior hates cucumbers.

4 He is the longest continually employed wrestler in the history of WWE. He started in WWF/E in 1990 thus he has been under the organization’s paycheck for 20+ years.

5 He was first married to Jodie Lynn in 1989 and they had three children. They divorced in 1999 and he later remarried in 2001, but then divorced in 2007.

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6 The Undertaker is famous for his ability to walk on the ring ropes. He was taught this ability by old-school wrestling giant Don Jardine “The Spouker.”

7 During his defeat at the WrestleMania 30, he was said to have been heartbroken, collapsed backstage, and rushed to the hospital.

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8 Before he was called “The Undertaker,” he has used eight names which include The Master of Pain, The Texas Red, The Punisher, Commando, Punisher Dice Morgan, Mean Mark Callous and Kane the Undertaker.

9 Before he came into professional wrestling, The Undertaker played basketball for a two-year college in Texas before transferring to the Texas-Wesleyan University between 1985 and 1986.

10 He is a huge fan of Harley-Davidson and West Coast Chopper bikes. He bought his first motorcycle after defeating the infamous Hulk Hogan during the 1991 WWF Championship Survivor Series.

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Summary of The Undertaker

The Undertaker is perhaps the greatest wrestler in the 21st century. His good track record was the reason why in 2009 he was voted as the Greatest Legend of WrestleMania by the WWE and, to this date, the most popular professional wrestler of all time.

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