Mind-blowing Vagina Facts That’ll Totally Surprise You

Vagina Facts

You’ve probably called it the Bermuda triangle, the fanny, the coochie, the poonanny, the hoo-ha, but beyond these names, there are many interesting vagina facts. Here are 10 for your reading pleasure:

Vagina Facts

1 It gets erections too, expanding twice its size when aroused.

2 The life expectancy of pubic hair is 3 weeks compared to 7 years for the hair on our heads.

3 The word vagina translates to the Latin words “sheath” or “sword holder.”

4 It doesn’t get bigger/lose its tightness with more sex. It’s elastic and bounces back to its original shape and size. The only thing that can distort a vagina’s tightness is childbirth and age.

5 Nothing but sperm can pass through the cervix, so there is no possibility of finding old tampon traces in a woman’s uterus.

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6 It wrinkles and sags with age, just like the face.

7 The vagina naturally cleans itself by its own mucus.

8 The highest number of orgasms achieved by a woman in an hour is 134; the highest number by a man is only 16.

9 The inside of the vagina is shaped like a sock, which ends in the womb.

10 The vagina has 8,000 nerve endings, while the penis only has 4,000.

11 The vagina needs regular exercise. It’s much like the bicep – exercise it or lose it. For it to stay in good physical shape, it needs regular sex or kegel exercises. These activities keep the sensitive vaginal tissue healthy.

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Video: 10 Secret Vagina Facts

In this fun educational video, well known sex educator Laci Green takes us through some new things we didn’t not know before.

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