Interesting Vince McMahon Facts

Vince McMahon Facts

Vince McMahon is the man behind the success of WWE. Below are 10 interesting Vince McMahon facts that you didn’t know before today:

The Most Interesting Facts about Vince McMahon

1 He became a heel before he was known as Mr. McMahon thus becoming the most hated man in wrestling. However, he made wrestling so famous that he is now promoting top wrestlers in the world.

2 Vince McMahon grew up with a traumatic childhood. His parents divorced when he was young and he was raised in a trailer park by his mother and stepfather who was abusive to him.

3 He is WWE’s majority owner, and together with his family and son-in-law Triple H, he owns approximately 70% of WWE’s equity and 96% of the voting power.

4 When he was young, Vince became interested in wrestling and he wanted to fight inside the ring. However, his father forbade him to pursue a career in wrestling.

5 McMahon has a successful older brother who works for the steel industry and is doing quite well for himself. They were separated because his brother, Rod, was taken away and raised by their father while Vince grew up with his mother.

6 In 1992 in London, wrestler Kevin Wacholz reportedly assaulted and sued McMahon because he was wrongfully terminated after being given steroids under McMahon’s orders. However, the lawsuits were eventually dropped.

7 As an accomplished wrestling promoter, he brought wrestling to mainstream media, earning him two Walks of Fame – the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Madison Square Garden’s Walk of Fame.

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8 He promoted Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki in 1970. He dubbed the match “Wrestler Versus Boxer” and pitted the two athletes inside the ring.

9 He had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Dyslexia when he was young. His parents sent him to a military school believing that it will treat his condition. He graduated from the academy and took a college degree. Eventually, he was able to overcome his condition and became a successful businessman.

10 He had his own professional hockey team – the Cape Cod Buccaneers, which he bought from the Atlantic Coast Hockey League. However, the Buccaneers had a losing record and folded after one season.

Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump’s Battle of the Billionaires Contract Signing

This is a very fun video and even more hilarious because of who is in it and the signs in the audience!
Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump make their Battle of the Billionaires Match official on Raw.

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Vince McMahon Is a Legend

We hope this article has inspired you. In his role, Vince has grown to become a global symbol of wrestling. As the owner of the company, Vince is known to be a methodological man. He became one of the top heels in wrestling, defeating Triple H with the help of Steve Austin. He was also an ECW champion by defeating Bobby Lashley. Therefore, Vince is not only a good businessman, but he is also a good wrestler.

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