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Mind Blowing Facts about Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh Facts

Most of you have heard of Vincent Van Gogh, even if you don’t know anything about art. He is one of the most popular artists of all time, and who doesn’t love his famed masterpiece, The Starry Night?

Van Gogh had a pretty tough life from his emotional imbalances to his choice in lovers. His personal and professional history is vast and very interesting.

Here are some Vincent Van Gogh facts you should know.  

Fascinating Facts about Vincent Van Gogh

1 He Was a Voracious Reader

Vincent loved to read the works of George Eliot and Charles Dickens.

2 He was Multi-Lingual

Besides speaking, his native language was Dutch and Vincent van Gogh also spoke French, German, and English.

3 His First Job

Vincent’s first job was working at Goupil & Cie, his uncle’s art dealership, which catered to The Hague.

4 He Left School Early

Because his family was struggling with money, Vincent van Gogh had to drop out of school when he was 15.

5 Depression Set in Early

Perhaps due to the remnants of his dead brother, Vincent van Gogh was moody and sulky from a very young age.

6 A Bittersweet Birth

Vincent van Gogh was born exactly one year after his older brother died in a stillborn birth.

7 His Parents Were Kind of Strange

His mom was a highly emotional artist, while his dad was a stern and uptight country minister.

8 He Died Relatively Young

At 37 years old, Vincent van Gogh was found dead, due to a gunshot he triggered.

9 He Was Mentally Ill

Vincent van Gogh struggled with mental illness and even spent some time in a mental hospital.

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10 He Spent Much of His Life in Poverty

Despite being one of the most famous painters of all time today, when he was alive, he was practically a nobody.

11 Middle Name?

Van Gogh’s middle name was Willem

12 He was a Prolific Creator

He created more than 2,100 works of art during his short lifetime. 

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Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night: Great Art Explained

Vincent van Gogh was a largely self-taught artist who didn’t pick up a paintbrush until he was 30 years old. And only seven years later, he would be dead.

It was really his last four years where he developed the style we would come to know him by, and these were also his most prolific years.

Learn more in this fascinating video!