Weird Fun Facts about Our Society That We Accept As Normal

How do you perceive the world? Look around you. What do you think of your president, the school system, the government, your lawyer, your banker? There are those things we completely view as normal, but in essence, they are as absurd as asking a man to add salt on his ice cream.

Our Favorite Weird and Fun Facts

1 Having a myriad of religions, each one believing that their deity is the only true and unique account.

2 Scrambling and partitioning the world’s lands and then quarreling over who owns what.

3 Focusing on building our careers and businesses, and missing out on the crucial stages of our children’s growth.

4 Vehemently preventing other people from using your inventions through patents, copyrights, trade dresses, trademarks and other intellectual property rights.

5 Prioritizing money and the economy rather than basics such as air, climate, food, water and the environment.

6 Tormenting and killing innocent animals on a daily basis for food, experiments, clothes, and art.

7 Using an international economic system that results in global recessions, loss of hundreds of millions of jobs, loss of people’s incomes and ability to survive, and even deaths and suicides.

8 Regarding war, which doesn’t always end well, as admirable, while regarding love, which enhances life, as superficial.

9 Bestowing honors and awards on ‘soldiers’, making it acceptable to slay someone.

10 Forcing our children into schools to cram and memorize stuff they will rarely use in the real world.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuts

The tit for tat argument is another outrageous thing our society considers normal. This English phrase implies this equivalent retaliation: when you believe that a bad or unethical act justifies an unethical behavior intended to counter it. Does this make it ethical? When we use this excuse, we usually abandon all ethical standards to retaliate. However, it’s important to remember that two wrongs will never make a right.

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