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Why Does Her Majesty Queen of England Have Two Birthdays?

Why Does Queen of England Have Two Birthdays

The public and the media have long had a fascination with the  private life of the Royal British Family and the Queen of England. More than just a beautiful family to follow in the tabloids, many people realize that there are many curious aspects to the Royal British Family’s private lives. For example, her Majesty celebrates two birthdays each year.  Read on as we explore this fascinating topic!

In many ways, it seems that the Queen of England has a special royal privilege, although it doesn’t extend to all members of the Royal Family. Only the person with sovereign power over England celebrates two birthdays each year so she has this unique standing. Although her actual birthday is on April 21st, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her official birthday on a Saturday in June (the specific Saturday varies from year to year).

This long-standing tradition is due to the fact that the official birthday is celebrated with parades and other outdoor festivities that are best suited for summer weather. For example, King Edward VII celebrated his official birthday in June, despite being born in November, in order to insure good weather for the official Birthday Parade, also known as trooping the Colour.

The Queen’s Actual Birthday: April 21st

On her actual birthday, the Queen spends it privately with close friends and family. Despite the private celebration, April 21st is still marked to the public by gun salutes at different areas of London, all occurring at midday. In Hyde Park, they perform 41 gun salutes, 21 gun salutes at Windsor Great Park, and,62 gun salutes at the Tower of London. These gun salutes notify the public of their Sovereign Queen’s actual date of birth.

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The Queen’s Official Birthday Celebration

By contrast, Her Majesty the Queen celebrates her official birthday on a Saturday in June with members of the Royal Family. This public celebration includes the amazing Trooping of the Colour parade, which is a military parade that begins with the Queen’s inspection of the Household Division troops.

The Queen then leads the troops down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, oversees the gun firing tributes in Green Park and at the Tower of London, and finally joins members of the Royal Family to watch the Royal Air Force fly past.

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Video: Why Does The Queen Have Two Birthdays?

Being Queen of England has all kinds of perks, but one that people don’t talk about much is that you get to actually have two birthdays!

Ever since she took over as monarch, Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated two birthdays — one in April and one in June. It’s probably hard enough to find a birthday gift for the woman who has everything, but finding two just seems excessive.

What makes the Queen have two separate birthdays throughout the year? Does she just like hearing Paul McCartney perform “Birthday” that much? Let’s take a look at the real reason why Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays.

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In the end, which birthday celebration would you rather attend? Unless you are a part of Her Majesty the Queen’s inner circle of friends and family, you’ll probably enjoy the queen’s official birthday celebration quite a bit more, due to all the spectacular public festivities held in June.