10 Interesting Wolverine Facts You Won’t Believe Are Real

Facts about Wolverine

Wolverine has kept Marvel fans hooked for many decades now because of his unique stories and interesting character. This is the reason why Wolverine got his own feature movie from the X-men franchise. If you are a big fan of this series, then here are ten amazing Wolverine facts that you probably never realized:

Facts about Wolverine – the Movie

1 Wolverine has been stabbed, shot, set on fire and killed in as many ways as possible but he always came back to life.

2 He was once the leader of the Uncanny X-Force, which is a secret team that hunts down threats to humans and mutants alike. This team did all the dirty works of X-men.

3 Wolverine had a son from his wife in 1946. However, his wife was killed by The Winter Soldier and his baby cut off from her womb. The baby survived because he also inherited his regenerative abilities and grew up resenting his father. Eventually, Wolverine has to kill his son by drowning him.

4 Wolverine was designed to be the son of Sabertooth. Artist John Bryne thought that Wolverine was too old to become Sabertooth’s son, thus they changed the relationship into old rivals instead.

5 He was almost dumped by Marvel from the X-Men series because he does not have a complicated backstory to make his character more interesting. It was Canadian artist John Bryne who saved Wolverine’s character from being dumped by Marvel.

6 Wolverine debuted in “The Incredible Hulk.” Marvel intended him to be a Canadian agent instructed to defeat the Hulk.

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7 Writer Len Wein first designed Wolverine’s claws to be a part of his costume. He focused the super abilities of Wolverine such as his fast healing ability, but while writing the back story, he decided to put the claws as part of Wolverine himself and that was the best decision that he ever made.

8 When Wolverine’s character was developed by Marvel, writer Len Wein wanted to create a superhero based on an animal from the Great White North. He narrowed the names to “Badger” and “Wolverine.” It is a good thing he chose the latter.

9 James Cameron was interested in creating the Wolverine movie. In fact, he met with Stan Lee and writer Chris Claremont for the concept art, but eventually dropped the project to pursue the Spider Man movie.

10 Hugh Jackman was not the first choice for the Wolverine role. Director Bryan Singer’s first choice was Russell Crowe, but he turned down the offer. Singer then asked Dougray Scott for the role, but he had conflicts with his schedule. In the end, they had to settle with Hugh Jackman.

11 The character development of Wolverine was staggered, thus Marvel had a love and hate relationship with its character. But even if he got his nose ripped off by Magneto in the X-Men 25, he was still able to come back in the future scenes unscathed.

7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman hung up his claws for the final time in Logan, so we decided to celebrate the end of an era, with some obscure facts about Wolverine from the comics and films. Think you know everything there is to know about our favorite member of the X-Men?

Image Credit: “Wolverine: X-men Origins” by §atsukiame is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0