Wonder Woman Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic characters in the DC Comics universe, and she has the staying power to inspire and excite past, present, and future generations. Most people don’t realize the long history behind Wonder Woman – it’s very fascinating.

The Most Fascinating Wonder Woman Facts

1 She Once Relinquished Her Powers

Proving that she is indeed, super just and generous, Wonder Woman once gave up her superpowers for five whole years. This was back in the 1960s, when she shed her costume, abilities, and moniker as Wonder Woman to become Diana Prince, a student of Chinese martial arts.

Oh, and she also worked at her own boutique shop because why not? Comics fans were appalled by this change to the superheroine and demanded the original Wonder Woman come back. DC Comics actually tried this stunt again, but to no avail. People want the strong and sassy Wonder Woman and we agree!

2 She Was Going to be in Smallville

The hit TV series Smallville was a joy for comics lovers everywhere, and it features the very first superhero: Superman. Wonder Woman was actually going to be in the TV program as well, but Joss Whedon (director of The Avengers) was trying to develop a Wonder Woman movie for the big screen, which messed up the production schedule for including her in Smallville.

It was tough going getting the Wonder Woman film up off the ground, so she probably could have been put into Smallville, but oh well. Now we’re all just waiting for 2017 to roll around so we can see Wonder Woman in a feature-length film of her own!

3 Her Back Used to Get More Attention Than Her Boobs

Wonder Woman has been outfitted in a teeny tiny superheroine costume since she was first created. Yes, she does show off a lot of skin and cleavage, and this did cause a lot of parents to shield their kids from the comics. Yet it was actually Wonder Woman’s back that was more offensive to mature readers in the 1940s.

Even though her breasts were front and center, it was the fact that Wonder Woman had an almost bare back that made parents want to hide the character from innocent eyes. To be fair, Wonder Woman’s boobs weren’t nearly as big in the ‘40s as they are now.

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4 She Could Give Hillary Clinton a Run for Her Money

As a matter of fact, Wonder Woman has run for President of the United States not once, but twice. We wonder what would happen if Wonder Woman ran against Hillary Clinton in a bid for the White House? Now that would be an interesting election season!

Anyway, Wonder Woman’s races to be President were way back in the day; once in 1943 and another time in 1972. Unfortunately, she lost the election in both years. Since it is now 2016, perhaps it is time for everyone’s favorite superheroine to give it another try! She would even make a great VP, if you ask us.

5 Wonder Woman Used to be a Secretary

It’s a bit difficult to imagine the super fierce Wonder Woman sitting behind a desk in a pencil skirt and her hair up in a stiff bun. Yet when the character was first introduced in the Justice League, she served as a secretary and was even forced to stay home and attend to the mail while other superheroes went out to fight Nazi Germany.

My, has Wonder Woman come a long way since then! Now known around the world as a feminist icon, Wonder Woman doesn’t take bull from anyone, and she would certainly not just sit back and let other people do the work.

6 The Lasso of Truth May be Real

One of Wonder Woman’s awesome abilities is her use of the Lasso of Truth. What she does is lasso someone up, and the rope forces that person to tell nothing but the truth. Yet did you know where that tool came from? Most likely, it was Marston himself who was inspired to create a spin-off based on his own creation of a lie detector test in 1913.

Marston struggled in court to get his lie detector used in cases and trials, but the court wouldn’t do it. Marston took that anger and frustration out in a story about Wonder Woman battling the court with her Lasso of Truth.

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7 Wonder Woman Kicked Nazi Butt

Well, sort of. It turns out that the first Superman comics were released in 1938, a time when the Nazi group was increasing in power. Book critics decried Superman as a sort of fascist in disguise, and worried parents told their children not to read the Superman comics. Some parents even called for the comics to be destroyed.

Of course, Superman was not meant to have sympathies to the Nazis, but the answer was introducing a female character. This was Wonder Woman, who added something new to the comics realm. She was initially meant to add “femininity” to the comics, but she was a pretty kickass heroine.

8 Wonder Woman is Political

At least, she was inspired by feminists from back in the day who fought for women’s right to vote. Perhaps the most famous suffragist whom Wonder Woman is based off of was Margaret Sanger, who penned the book Woman and the New Race.

As a matter of fact, Sanger was also involved in the planning, development, and foundation of Planned Parenthood. So now it makes a lot of sense why Wonder Woman is like a new class of female who has come to represent independence and freedom from the man. Personally, learning more about Wonder Woman’s history makes her even more badass.

9 What’s Wonder Woman’s Real Name?

Most people are just fine with calling her Wonder Woman, since you know, she’s absolutely amazing. Yet this superheroine was not born Wonder Woman. Her real given name was Princess Diana of Themyscira, and her origin story varies depending on your source. In some stories, she’s the daughter of the Greek god Zeus. Well, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Other comics throw around the idea that Wonder Woman was created by her mother, who shaped her out of clay from the earth. Either way, it’s a pretty epic upbringing. The 2017 film uses the former origin story for Wonder Woman.

10 She’s Being Portrayed by a Hot Up-and-Coming Actress

If you haven’t heard of Gal Gadot, you will very soon, because she is playing Wonder Woman in the new 2017 DC Comics film. In fact, Wonder Woman is getting a lot of positive press these days, and she is no longer just the side girl of Superman.

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That being said, you will be able to catch Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It will be the first time that Wonder Woman is on the big screen with both Batman and Superman, making this film one that is exciting lots of movie-goers. Justice is finally being served!

WONDER WOMAN – Official Trailer [HD]

This trailer is a much watch. Gal Gadot was incredible as Wonder Woman.


There are plenty of reasons why Wonder Woman has stood the test of time. Besides dating the undeniably impressive Superman, Wonder Woman is also able to stand on her own as one of the best DC Comics characters ever. With her Lasso of Truth, her flowing cape, and her eye-catching strength, she is one gal you don’t want to mess with.

And while she has worked as a boutique owner and a secretary, we like her best as a high-flying heroine. Below you will find some wild facts that you probably didn’t know about Wonder Woman. For instance, she was once portrayed as wearing pants instead of her original costume.

And can you imagine an even more powerful Wonder Woman? It happened when she was blended with Storm of the Avengers to make “Amazon.” That didn’t last long, but the fabulous Wonder Woman herself will! Keep reading for more.