World & History

The world and its history are a very broad topic and in this section we cover facts ranging from religion to business to world history and travel. In travel for example, you will find countless facts about cities, states and countries. You will also find things like religion, crime and the law.


Facts about Texas

Fun Facts About Texas

If you haven’t visited Texas, then what are you waiting for? This is where you can chew on fried bubble gum, marvel at the state …
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Why is US Currency Green

Why is U.S. Currency Green?

The famous words come from Cabaret the musical ring true to many people around the world, “Money makes the world to go around.” Whether we …
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Facts about Canada

Most Remarkable Facts About Canada

O, Canada, Glorious and Free! Our remarkable facts about Canada are a wonderful list of some wacky and interesting tidbits about good ol’ Canada. Did you know that way …
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