Surprising World War 1 Facts That’ll Leave You Speechless

World War 1 Facts

The World Wars are always a fascinating topic to dive into. Let’s look at 10 of the most surprising World War 1 facts:

World War 1 Facts

1 Cher Ami, a trained female homing pigeon, valiantly delivered a message that liberated 194 ambushed U.S. troops despite it being shot, blinded and having a dislodged leg.

2 Russian and German forces made an agreement to stop fighting for a certain time to ward off a pack of hungry wolves that kept trying to bite their faces off.

3 The youngest authenticated British soldier in World War I was only 12 years old. He was known as Sidney Lewis. To our surprise, British troops consisted of over 250,000 underage boys.

4 Mexico was offered a section of the USA by Germany if they joined their cause. However, the threat was intercepted and made public, and the U.S. declared war on Germany a month later.

5 A fake Paris, complete with wooden mock-ups of Champs-Elysées and Gare Du Nord, was built 15 miles from the city to fool German bombers.

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6 The U.S. and Britain considered parachutes a sign of cowardice, and therefore, denied their fighter pilots from having one.

7 Henry Tandey, the most highly decorated British private during WW1, refused to shoot Adolf Hitler despite having him in sight since he thought it wasn’t right to shoot an injured soldier.

8 German and British troops held a Christmas Truce in 1914 to play an impromptu game of soccer. Germany won 3-2.

9 The British used fresh supplies of semen as invisible ink to keep the smell from being detected.

10 Plastic surgery invention was sparked by WW1 when surgeon Harold Gillies took on the task of reconstructing facial injuries caused by Shrapnel.


Despite being depicted as such, Hitler wasn’t a bold hero during the World War I. In reality, he was just a message runner, and for the most part of the war, he was positioned 1.6 kilometers behind the front. He rarely saw gunfire and his fellow soldiers referred to him as ‘a rear area pig.’

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