10 World War II Facts That Are Actually Super Fascinating

World War 2 Facts

World War II was a record-shattering war, but these weren’t records to be proud of. At least 50 million civilians and soldiers were killed in this conflict that involved some 30 countries from around Asia, Europe, North America, and elsewhere across the globe. This war spanned 6 years and was initiated by Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939. History ensued, and the bloodiest conflict we’ve seen maybe ever is still extensively studied today. Let’s learn some little-known tidbits about the war with our list of 10 facts about World War II that are actually super fascinating. We’ll be your history book today!

10 Autocratic Anxieties

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The catalyst for World War II was the autocratic government of the Soviet Union.

9 An Alliance with Poland

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Great Britain and France had vowed to protect Poland, so when Hitler invaded, these 3 European countries were going to fight.

8 Secret Summer

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In the late summer of 1939, Hitler held secret meetings with the Soviet Union to sign the Nonaggression Pact.

7 A Fair Share

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Germany and the Soviet Union were in agreement to proportionally split Poland up between them.

6 Allies Versus Germany

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The Allies actually had more resources than Germany, but Hitler had more fighting power.

5 Armed and Dangerous

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The German military had about 100 divisions, each with over 600 weapons apiece.

4 Tanks Galore

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The Germans also boasted some 2,400 tanks.

3 Lightning Warfare

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The Germans were so militarily skilled that they were called the “blitzkrieg,” or “lightning war.”

2 Winning Over Stalin

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Hitler invaded the Balkan region in 1941 and won over the aid of Josef Stalin.

1 Victories in Africa

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Transitioning from 1942 to 1943, German forces made great military gains in Northern Africa.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Although Italy was partnered with Hitler, Italian forces tried to surrender to the Allies after Mussolini’s downfall. Hitler however, was not willing to back down. For some time, Germany took control of Italy – it’s own ally!

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