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Weird Xbox Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Xbox Facts

Microsoft released the xbox console in 2001 to compete with other gaming consoles like GameCube and PlayStation 2.It was first released in North America on November 15, 2001 ( See below for the fun release video).

The xbox console is Microsoft’s first game console to compete against Nintendo’s Wii U, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The company has sold over 90 million xbox consoles worldwide as of May 2013 – making it one of the best-selling game systems of all time.

Xbox Facts Even Most Gamers Don’t Know!

1 The Xbox one’s new controller cost $100 million to develop.

2 Microsoft, the creator of Xbox, was apprehensive about its overseas sales and they were right. In order to encourage more sales overseas, they slashed the price to $199 and it worked!

3 The Xbox was designed all the way with AMD as the processor manufacturer, but it was ditched two days before the reveal. Xbox switched to Intel and some of the AMD representatives only learned of the switch on the day of the reveal

4 The Xbox console was originally designed literally like the letter “X.”

5 Ten billionths of a second is what the Sensor of an Xbox’s Kinect can measure light.

6 Back in the day, Sony’s PlayStation was the leader in gaming consoles and when they rejected Bill Gate’s offer to join forces, he retaliated by investing heavily on Xbox.

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7 To wear out an Xbox controller, it takes at least 3 million presses.

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8 In the first 4-years of its release, Microsoft lost $4 billion.

9 When the first Xbox was released, the makers were quite apprehensive because it had a hefty price tag of $299. But, after the first three weeks in the market, Xbox sold a million consoles.

10 The logo of Xbox is green colored because that was the marker pen that designer Horace Luke had at the moment.

11 The green orb in the center of the console signifies nuclear power. Obviously the game console is NOT powered by nuclear energy, but the concept caught on. It sure looks good in the dark and makes it feel a LOT more hip!

12. The controller for the original Xbox had four directional buttons, one analog stick, two triggers, two analog triggers, two analogue sticks and a digital direction pad.

13. The first Xbox had its own version of Microsoft Office called Office Xpress.

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2001 – Xbox Console Reveal with The Rock and Bill Gates

This is a FUN step back in time, with Bill Gates showing the features of the original Xbox for the first time in 2001. And also with the Rock, Dwayne Johnson!

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