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9 Fascinating Facts about Xia Anderson You Haven’t Heard Before

Xia Anderson

Xia Anderson is an on-camera host, producer, writer, and, to top it all off, a gamer. The young and talented star has had quite a versatile portfolio having worked for many popular channels and shows. Nevertheless, it appears that people don’t know much about this up-and-coming star.

This article will take you through 9 fascinating facts about Xia Anderson that you have never heard before.

9 Must-Know Facts about the Incredible Xia Anderson

1. Xia Hails from Hawaii

Xia was born on the 1st of February in Hilo, Hawaii. She spent much of her childhood in her hometown, finally moving to Los Angeles, California in 2013 in order to create a better life for herself.

2. Xia is Head Over Heels in Love with Science Fiction

Like the many of us, Xia is a sci-fi fanatic and loves to consume any sci-fi content she can get her hands on. Harry potter – A story of an orphaned boy learning that he’s a wizard, and not just an ordinary one at that, who has to battle the greatest of evils that linger within the wizarding world and has to stop the resurrection of the most powerful and evil wizard that has ever existed – is one of her all-time favorites and so she has racked up on a considerable collection of Harry Potter merchandise.

She says that she would love to be a wizard herself if that was a possibility and that her favorite character from the series is Hermione Granger.

Another one of Anderson’s favorites is the series Lord of the Rings – The story of a brave hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins taking up the daunting task of destroying the One Ring which holds the future of civilization and therefore is being relentlessly pursued by dark forces. She loves the series for its adventuristic plot and unique world and character building.

Additionally, Xia is also a big fan of Marvel movies such as The Avengers, The IronMan, and Captain America series, of course, there are many more to be named. Anderson also enjoys reading comic books and just about any sci-fi book she can get her hands on. On top of everything, she especially loves to enthusiastically talk about sci-fi with anyone who will listen.

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3. Xia Anderson Loves to Game

Sci-fi books, movies, and TV series isn’t the only thing that Xia is into, she is also big into games such as Tetris 99 – a tile matching game published by Nintendo for its devices, Doom Eternal – a first person shooter game published by Bethesda Softworks, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – an award winning action-adventure game set in the Viking era.

Xia has her own twitch account where she streams her gaming sessions playing any of the games mentioned above on her Nintendo switch all the while replying to her streamers’ comments and suggestions.

However, if you’re a hardcore videogame streaming fanatic, her twitch channel might not be what you’re looking for as her streams are not as intensive and game focused as that of a professional gamer. Her streams are more like sitting with a friend and watching them play a game they’re quite good at and commenting on it – a light and fun session.

4. The Talented Woman Has Built Quite a Portfolio

Currently, Xia is a co-host on The Chip Chipperson Podacast and the It’s Erik Nagel – Radio Show. The former is a popular podcast series that airs on YouTube covering a variety of strange topics. The podcast gets considerable views that lie anywhere between 18,000 and 20,000 in number. It’s Erik Nagel is another podcast, available on the iHeart channel, YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, and on many other platforms.

In 2021, Xia worked as a community manager for a marketing company called Carper Communications. In the same year, she worked on a YouTube channel called Mega Cat Studios where she hosted, produced, and wrote their series called the Weekly Dose of Gaming News – a video series featuring and explaining different video games.

In 2020, the young talented star worked for another YouTube channel by the name of Popcorn Talk. She hosted, produced and even co-wrote their Marvel Movie News and Marvel News Daily series which as their names imply, were series focused on the latest news about the Marvel world including its movies, TV series, cast members and more. In 2019, Xia hosted and produced the Mandalorian After Show.

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From 2018 to 2020, the young star worked as an on-camera host and producer for after-shows produced by AfterBuzz TV – an online broadcasting network that specializes in after-show podcasts, some of its covered TV series include Big Brother, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Grey’s Anatomy, and Real Housewives.

In 2019, Anderson worked as a voice over artist, writer, content creator, and video editor for GekkBomb which is a TV program where the host of the show geeks out about different things such as artists, TV series, movies, and much more.

5. The Talented Star Shares Her Wisdom Regarding Issues Faced by Her Online Community

Xia Anderson along with her husband Nick Basile have an on-going YouTube series where Nick reads various problems faced by their community members and then the two hosts share their views and wisdom regarding the subject. To date, the series has rolled out 8 episodes with more yet to come in the future.

6. Anderson Also Has Been Acquired Training from AfterBuzz TV

The up-and-coming star has acquired the Red Carpet and Teleprompter from AfterBuzz TV. Red Carpet training is essential for an on-camera host to conduct red carpet celebrity interviews while Teleprompter training is crucial for news reporters.

7. The Star is Quite Active on Social Media Platforms

Being a celebrity and a star in today’s world undoubtedly requires social media presence and it is fair to say that Anderson has established that. The rising star is quite active on her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube platforms. Also, she has garnered quite a commendable audience on her Instagram and twitter profiles having over 11,000 and 7,000 followers on both the platforms respectively. She also has a Twitch streaming channel as mentioned above.

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8. Anderson Enjoys the Occasional Workout Sessions

Video game gameplays aren’t the only thing the star streams on her twitch account. She also streams her workout sessions, or at least her attempts at getting in a workout. These streams usually involve Xia following the steps that an instructor is performing on her TV.

9. Xia Loves Eating

What’s a good workout session without a sizeable cheat meal to counter it right? On Xia’s twitch streams, you will also find videos of her eating snacks such as cookies and biscuits.

She will also take you through what she’s eating, the ingredients in her snacks, her favorite snacks and her go-to place to shop for them through her hilariously relatable commentary.

Xia Unboxes Her First Custom PC

In this video, Xia unboxes her brand new origin PC…watch to find out why it’s actually a sad unboxing 🙁

Wrapping It Up!

This concludes our list of the less-known Xia Anderson facts that will leave you fascinated. Her fun and amicable energy will brighten your mood and make you feel like you’ve known her for decades. Be sure to check out her channels and you’ll see why we love her so much.

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