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10 Fascinating Facts about the Stunning Zorana Kuzmanovic

zorana Kuzmanovic facts

The world of modeling offers stunning prospects to the beautiful men and women who are willing to explore this field. For women who have the physical attributes, this is an amazing domain that can open doors to diverse opportunities. From Naomi Campbell to Kendall Jenner, there are numerous examples of models who are worth millions  today.

Zorana Kuzmanovic is another influencer who is making her mark in this lucrative industry. Hailing from Serbia, she currently works with some of the top modeling agencies in the US and Europe.

Her mesmerizing figure, deep blue eyes and beautiful facial features have made her a sweetheart for many around the world. Her following continues to grow rapidly on various social media platforms globally.

Intrigued? Want to know more about Zorana Kuzmanovic? Here are 10 fascinating facts about her life and career.

Fascinating Facts about Zorana Kuzmanovic

1. Zorana is a Virgo

The famous fashion model was born on September 12th, 1991. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Little else is known about her personal life as she doesn’t have Wikipedia or IMDb pages.

Zorana has chosen to keep the names of her parents, number of siblings and other information private. In all fairness, it is her right and her decision should be respected. This article compiles all other credible information that is publicly available about Zorana.

2. She was born in Loznica, Serbia

Zorana was born in the Serbian city of Loznica. It is a small place located on the right bank of Drina river at an elevation of 121 meters. Zorana was interested in modeling from a young age and wanted to pursue it as a career.

Since the city she lived in didn’t offer many lucrative opportunities, the aspiring youngster took to social media to promote her talents and enthralling looks. It was not long before she landed her first modeling gig.

3. Zorana currently resides in Los Angeles, California

After finding a footing in the industry, Zorana decided to leave her home town and move closer to the places that were providing her the appropriate career choices in life.

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She migrated and settled in Los Angeles, California and has since made it her home. She continues to work for some of the leading names in the modeling industry thanks to her sultry curves, stunning facial features and amazing talents.

4. She has modeling contracts with three agencies from the US, Milan, and Japan

Zorana has modeling contracts with some of the premium agencies in the world. According to her Instagram bio, her current affiliations are with Freedom, LA, Marilyn, NY, Premier, London, and the Promod Model Agency, Germany.

She has also worked with Hollywood Model Management, Los Angeles, Women Direct, Milan and Donna Models, Japan. Her career has been illustrious and continuous to grow as the years proceed.

5. Her stunning blue eyes add to her beauty even further

One of Zorana’s distinct facial features are her blue eyes. They add a unique touch to her beauty, uplifting the stunning beauty that she is already.

Her body and the time she spends maintaining it contribute towards her being the crush for millions of fans across the globe. T

his gorgeousness is also the reason why a number of premier modeling agencies want to work with her. It is the reason her career continues to grow even at the age of 30.

6. Zorana married her partner Alex Ma in 2021

The pandemic changed a lot of things for people, especially celebrities. Their work was halted for the longest time, giving them time to spend with their families.

Evidently, they grew closer with many coming to different realizations in terms of priorities and preferences with respect to career or families. Zorana also married her partner Alex Ma as the pandemic came to an end after having spent ample time with her during the lockdowns.

7. Her Instagram has nearly 60k followers

As of 2021, Zorana’s Instagram account has nearly 60,000 followers. Apparently, Instagram is the only platform that she is active on and it provides her the publicity that she needs. She shares a lot about her social life, career and family.

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Although she chooses to leave out a lot of the details in the captions, the pictures offer a glimpse into her life and what she is going through in terms of both personal as well as professional life.

8. Her perfect bikini body continues to wow fans and modeling agencies worldwide

If you’ve browsed through her Instagram, you’ll know the reason behind her resounding success.

He frequently poses as a bikini model and the sassy looks that she carries are enthralling to say the least. Zorana spends a lot of time maintaining her physique through training and appropriate diet but once again, this is something that she doesn’t shed a lot of light on.

9. She has traveled the world extensively

With modeling contracts with such an elaborate list of agencies around the world and having accumulated a net worth between $1 to $5 million, Zorana gets to travel a lot. Her Instagram is full of pictures where she documents her journey.

She travels both alone and with her partner, Alex Ma. She recently posted about a trip to Boka Kotorska, Montenegro, a country situated close to her home town of Serbia.

10. Zorana has a pet dog named Archie

Probably the most famous personality after Zorana and her husband on her Instagram channel is her pet dog Archie.

The black Formosan Mountain Dog has been alongside her for the longest time featuring constantly in pictures with her or on his own. It’s safe to say that the dog enjoys a fascinating life spending time on beaches or simply hanging out with his owners in different corners of the globe.

Zorana Kuzmanovic – Modeling for Shopbop

Want to witness some of the most sassy bikini looks from Zorana Kuzmanovic? Here is a compilation of her bikini modeling shoots for Shopbop. This girl can definitely carry almost every style with the body that she has invested so much time and effort into.

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Zorana Kuzmanovic is a stunning, svelte fashion model working with some of the foremost agencies in the world. She is married and lives the dream life traveling      around the globe both for her shoots and on fun, vacation times.

Her Instagram is her window to showcase her life and career to the world. If you want to keep tabs on her life, her social media handle is Zoka015.

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